Back to School Raffle!


I’m doing a back-to-school giveaway!

1st prize is a $50 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers!

2nd prize is a $25 gift card!

3rd prize is your choice of any resource in my TPT store FREE!

How do you enter? There are 3 ways to enter. If you do all 3, you will be entered 3 times.

  1. Like my facebook page Teaching in Target by Kristy Placido and leave a comment on the “Back to school Raffle” post. In your comment, tell me which resource in my TPT store you like the most or what resource you hope to get in the future.
  1. Follow my blog, by email. Comment on THIS blog post. Tell me which resource in my TPT store you like the most or what resource you hope to get in the future.
  1. Tweet about one of my TPT products that you enjoy using or hope to use in the future. Be sure to include a link to the product and @placido in your tweet so I see it!

This contest begins NOW and will end at 5pm Eastern time Friday, August 12. I will do 3 random drawings of all the entries and announce the winners on Saturday morning!



  1. Hi Kristy, I love your posts and your resources. I’d love to try some of your music resources on TPT, I’m always trying to incorporate more music into my classes!

    I can’t find the follow button for your blog, might be because I’m on mobile 🙁 I do already follow you from my school account, but since I’m switching districts, I need to follow you with my personal gmail. As soon as I get to a computer, I’ll do that 😀

    Thanks for creating great resources and sharing so much insight. You’ve been a huge help and inspiration on my TPRS/CI journey. I love using Noches Misteriosas in my classes!

  2. Oh my such wonderful things to choose from. I have been enjoying with my classes her Music Bundle of 10 Songs My students have been jamming all week and I have heard from other teachers that the students are playing the songs in their classes. I didn’t have to find the song or make up any of the activities. What can I ask for more?

    I have had the 4 corners posters printed at UPS store and laminated because they are just that pretty. It makes me happy to see them and I am putting them up on my wall this week. I am looking forward to having an instant 4 corners game in every class for those moments when the students just need to move, but I want to keep it in the target language.

    I’m trying this one next week. It’s a game that I have played before, but I bought hers because they are so beautiful and gave me different question ideas that I didn’t have to rack my brain for.

    I feel lucky that Kristy Placido is willing to share her products!!

  3. I would love the Guernica unit plan! I have been trying to incorporate more authentic materials into my teaching, and that looks amazing!

  4. The “Guernica” Mini Unit plan intrigues me. I have taught an art unit all about Picasso before, so I think this would be a great addition to what I have already done.

  5. I love all the resources you have, but the song packet with 10 songs in it is my current favorite of the ones I own. I am hoping to purchase the stations activity and other things that will support the novels. Thank you for the opportunity!

  6. In addition to your wonderful song activities, I’d like more of your Immigration Unit resources. Immigration is one of my favorite topics to incorporate into Spanish I because in the area I teach in (rural Eastern Kentucky) immigrants (specifically Hispanics) are misunderstood, stereotyped, and misrepresented. After working for the Migrant Education Project, teaching tolerance and empathy toward immigrants became a priority in my classes. I specifically can’t wait to purchase your readings on La Bestia.

  7. I love all of your resources.. but am trying TPRS/CI in my class for the first time this year so I’d love to get your movietalk and literary circles items!

  8. Wow. It’s hard to pick just one thing! I would love to have your Spanish commercials or Guernica unit. I’ve used Agentes Secretos and the kids always love the information about the Spanish Civil War and Picasso’s painting!

  9. All of your resources look incredible. I would love to have the Literature Circles packet to use for my combined Spanish 3 and 4 to allow them to work independently on novels at different levels.

  10. Thank you for your work creating materials to improve language instruction. I think using Spanish Commercials: Deportes will help engage even novice learners in culture.

  11. Your resources are so amazing and I love following your blog. I would love to have the high frequency poster word bundle! I just moved schools and these would provide much needed support for me beginning students!

  12. I’d like to get ¿Con quién se queda el perro? Spanish Song Activity & MovieTalk Packet. My students love Jesse y Joy, and I still need a lot of guidance for MovieTalk.

  13. Hola Kristy! Loved hearing you at IFLT this summer and love that I can use your creations on TPT. I particularly love any readings you provide for movies or video clips. My favorite is La Misma Luna. I am also currently trying to expand my classroom posters, so am hoping to purchase several of the ones you offer on this site. Hope you have another excellent school year.

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