Shameless plug! 20% off everything April 30!

Teaching in Target is having a one-day sale! 20% off entire store today!

Visit Teaching in Target and have a look!

ALSO! Did you know that when a seller updates a resource you can download it again at no cost? I have several resources that I have expanded and updated. Some of them even have a higher price now! But if you bought them in the past, you can still re-download at no additional cost even if the price is higher than what you paid! How cool is that?

And since the resources I sell are really things I use with my own students, odds are pretty good that they will be updated and expanded in the future as I use them and have new ideas.

Another tip is to click the green star and “like” my Teachers Pay Teachers store. That way, you will get little updates every 1-2 months from me and will also get a notification in your TPT account inbox if I have updated a resource!

Check out my free items too! I have 12 freebies and I hope to add more soon! Thanks!


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