Hidden Secrets of TPT!

You don’t even have to spend money to get awesome stuff from Teachers Pay Teachers! I am loving this site so much, and I am trying not to be too crazy about it, but honestly it is, as Oprah would say “One of my favorite things!”


Here is an example of items on TPT that are free for Spanish teachers. 4,500 results!!!!

I’ve been actively selling my teaching materials for a few months now, and I decided my store needed a name. I asked my good buddy Carrie Toth (@senoraCMT) what she thought, and she IMMEDIATELY said “Teaching in Target.” I laughed and jokingly said “Yes, and I can have a little picture of myself in a red shirt and khakis!” But she said, “It is like one-stop shopping to help teachers meet the ACTFL goal of 90%+ target language!” Do you see why I love this woman so much?

big logo

Everything I sell is something I use in my own classroom, so it is tested by real high-schoolers! I also have several items for free!

free items

Also, do you know that when you rate and provide a comment on an item you purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers you get credits toward future purchases? So, please go rate those items now! You just log in, go to “My TPT” in the upper right hand corner, click “My Purchases” and you will see all of the items that need a rating.

So, check out TPT, and if you have great stuff to share, consider making your own store.



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