Ideas needed for Microlending project!

I want to ask my online colleagues for ideas about my Kiva project.

Students choose a small business from and create a commercial advertising that person’s business. Then we vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place commercials. My prize last time was I made a loan of $100, $75 and $25 respectively to those businesses. However the problem was that by the time the kids finished their projects and we voted, their person’s loan was already fully funded (in almost every case the loan got funded before we could lend to them!). I told them to select a different person for me to lend to. However it felt like I was giving them additional work! Any ideas for how I can make this contest feel more fun and like they are actually winning a prize? It was a great project in my opinion and the kids put a lot into it, I just think it was a let down for the kids when their person didn’t actually get my money!



  1. Have you considered having students choose a category of business they would like to fund? then you can have them do a more general commercial about the category and then when done you can have them find a loan in that category to fund.

  2. Hi Kristy,

    I don’t have an answer for you, but here’s how my pal Bill Ferriter does his. He is on twitter and I just know he and his KIVA club would love to hear how you guys do things/share how they do things now.

    Take a peek at his blog. Good stuff.

    He has newer posts about Kiva too that you can search. He’s plugusin on twitter. One of my fave people to learn with/be challenged by.

    All the best to you. Thanks for sharing and posting and letting us see your thinking. Hope your upcoming family trip that you tweeted about in Dec is FAB!


  3. You could have your students vote on the top 3 Kiva projects that they like and give an initial donation ($25 each) so there is the student interest connection. Then once they do their own projects/commercials, there could be an incentive for the winner to select an additional project to support if their project is already funded. They could also campaign with their families, teachers and friends to get “their project” funded first. Posters, social media, clever daily announcements raise a lot of interest and money beyond the classroom.

    I do a fundraising campaign for Heifer International every year with my Spanish classes tied to our curriculum so feel free to contact me at if you want other ideas. ~Jodi

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