Unidad: Lo sobrenatural (Spanish 3)

image courtesy of I’m Fantastic

I needed something light, fun, and engaging to take us through the last 8 weeks of school. This is what I came up with! A unit on the supernatural! Kids love it, and I with a little help from my twitter PLN I was able to gather/create a ton of resources! A very special thanks to  Caitlin Hudgins, Carrie Toth, Carol Gaab, Martina Bex, and Cynthia Hitz for all of their help with this, whether they realized it or not!

Essential questions

  • What is “supernatural?”
  • What are some examples of different types of supernatural creatures/events that occur in movies and stories?
  • How do people react when faced with a supernatural occurrence?
  • Why are we fascinated by the supernatural?
  • Do different cultures have different ways of portraying/explaining/relating to supernatural events?
  • Why do some people believe and others don’t believe?
  • Is belief in the supernatural a cultural thing?
  • How do our religious beliefs affect our reaction or ability to process something that appears supernatural?
  • Are there supernatural phenomena that YOU believe in?

Learning targets

  • I can identify vocabulary used to discuss the supernatural.
  • I can compare and contrast various supernatural phenomena from the stories we learned about in class.
  • I can make inferences and predictions about unknown elements of a story.
  • I can recall main events as well as details from and understandably re-tell a story about a supernatural phenomenon.
  • I can describe my own beliefs about the supernatural.
  • I can inquire about the beliefs of others in the supernatural.
  • I can create my own supernatural story using vocabulary and concepts from the various resources we studied.

Please view my entire unit on the supernatural here.

Addition 5/29/13:

To assess this unit my students are doing an interpersonal conversation as well as an in-class essay.

For the interpersonal conversation, I made a set of picture cards (download sobrenatural_pics) of various supernatural creatures/phenomena from the unit, and also a set of question cards (download speaking assessment questions). Students selected their own groups of 3.

Each student will select a picture card randomly, as well as 3 question cards randomly. They will then discuss the cards they chose and ask each other the questions. I will encourage them to make up their own additional questions as well! I will let you know how it goes after they do this next week!

Essay for Lo Sobrenatural “Los Cucos” (gracias to @senoraCMT for this!)

  1. Select 3 of the pieces we looked at – Explain how they have a common thread.
  2. Compare 2 of the “cucos” with your own childhood cuco.
  3. Compare 2 of the “cucos” with a favorite cuco from a movie or book.
  4. Why is it sometimes scarier when you can’t SEE the scary thing? Use the film/videos/novels/stories to explain your point.


  1. Hi Kristy! I just got copies of La Calaca Alegre and was thinking about EQs and what to do as a “unit”. I just revisited your post and this is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing so much! Looking forward to doing this unit next semester.

  2. I LOVE this unit!!! Thank you so much for supplying it in its entirety!!! I have been on your site several times. Do you have other units that you give out? Starting an entire new curriculum with Spanish III and IV and I would love to beg and borrow from anything that you have! Thanks so much!!!!

  3. Hi! I just thought of something that could be really cool to add to this unit. A story about La Isla de las Muñecas: Teshuilo Lake, Mexico. Not sure if it would work with everything else but I like how the kids initially are so creeped out by the pictures and then once they hear the background story it doesn’t seem as weird!

  4. Hi Kristy,

    I love this unit and thank you so much for including links to all the videos and papers you are using in class. I love your blog and have gotten a lot of great ideas for my classes. I used to be all TPRS all the time (which worked well but exhausted me honestly) but have switched to thematic units and I am loving it! Thanks again and have a happy and relaxing summer!

  5. Kristy and Carrie,

    I have often taught a similar unit but you have create one that is so much better. I am going to use many aspects of this. I am super pumped and so glad I came across this. See you in July.
    Gary D.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! This is too much!! I am so excited to use this at some point. Thank you for sharing the whole lesson plan.

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